Iron Bisglycinate


Iron remains one of the most important components of blood for the reason that as a component of hemoglobin it transports oxygen to the whole body. Covering daily dietary in iron is a difficult tusk due to inadequate diet and lifestyle, and at the same time important in preventing anemia and its symptoms such as fatigue, as well as being part of various enzymes that play a key role in various metabolic pathways. Of course adequate intake of iron is essential for the right function of the immune system.

Iron is also essential for proper brain function at all ages, since it is involved both in the function and composition of neurotransmitters and myelin.

The degree of iron absorption is affected by the body’s reserves, the amount and chemical structure of iron in the diet, and a variety of dietary factors that increase or decrease its absorption.

The iron supplement of HOLISM with its innovative collection of ingredients is a unique supplement that contains 80 mg of iron bisglycinate which is not only easily absorbed and provides high bioavailability, but it does not cause constipation, diarrhea or stomach upsets.